As a Hungarian / EU citizen:
- identity card / passport
- address card
- 1 credit / debit card in your name
- driving license

As a non-EU citizen:
- passport
- proof of address
- 1 credit / debit card in your name
- international driving license
Yes, if we have a contract with your company. Otherwise it is not possible
Yes, if you are our contracted partner. Otherwise it is not possible.
External protection protects if the vehicle body is damaged. If you use this service, your liability is up to HUF 0 in case of damage. The exterior does not cover all parts of the vehicle, only the bodywork. If the windows, tires or interior are damaged, the full cost of the repair will be covered by you. (Unless you have other protection services)
Theft protection means that in case of theft you are only liable to the extent of the deductible specified in the GTC, not to the value of the entire vehicle. If somebody just try to steal the car but fail, the cost of the damage will not be covered by you.
No. All our cars are rented without mileage restrictions.
In the process of renting a car, we only have black or white. What you see during the booking process, you pay for it. We do not have hidden costs.
Usually yes, please contact us via Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, email or phone and our trained colleague will help you extend your lease.
We deliver the vehicles to your home only in the area of Pécs, at the ordered time.
It depends how badly it is damaged and whether you have additional protection.
If you become immobile, contact us at 00 36 70 881 0202 or Viber / WhatsApp / Messenger and follow our operator's instructions.
If you can continue to drive the car safely, all you have to do is bring the rental car back to the agreed location by the date stipulated in the contract.
There, our colleague enters the new injury as the handover protocol. If you have purchased additional body protection, you have nothing to do, if not, we will debit your bank card with the amount arising from Annex 1 of the GTC.