MegnevezésNameCsere / ReplacementHorpadás / Dent Karcolás / Scartch 
Karosszéria / Body  Kicsi / SmallKomoly / SeriousKicsi / SmallKomoly / Serious
MotorháztetőBonnet€300,00  €89,00€164,00
HűtőrácsExterior front covering€250,00  €110,00€140,00
Első sárvédőFront mudguards€330,00  €89,00€140,00
Első ajtókFront doors€440,00  €119,00€199,00
Hátsó sárvédőkRear mudguards€300,00  €89,00€154,00
Ajtó alatti öntvényUnder door belt (molding)€240,00  €49,00€77,00
Csomagtér ajtóTrunk door€350,00  €79,00€135,00
AjtókeretDoor frame€1 400,00€220,00€385,00€120,00€280,00
Első lökhárítóFront bumper€240,00  €58,00€89,00
Hátsó lökhárítóRear bumper€300,00  €58,00€110,00
Komplett visszapillantó (külső)Complete external rear-view-mirror€210,00  €33,00€55,00
Visszapillantó tükör üvegeExterior rear-view-mirror glass€50,00    
Nem xenon lámpaNon-xenon light€340,00    
Nem led ködlámpaNon-led fog light€140,00    
Ledes ködlámpaLed fog light€250,00    
Hátsó lámpaRear light€210,00    
Index lámpákSide indicator lights€45,00    
Kilincs (sérülésmentes zárral)Door handle (with undamaged lock)€80,00    
Ablaktörlő kar (első)Windscreen wiper arm€40,00    
Ablaktörlő kar (hátsó)Rear wiper arm€40,00    
Üvegfelületek / Glasswork      
Hátsó üvegRear window€500,00    
Oldalsó üveg (lehúzható)Front doors rolling window€140,00    
Oldalsó üveg (fix)Front doors fixed glass€150,00    
ÜvegtetőGlass roof€900,00    
Belső / Interior      
SzivargyújtóCigar lighter€30,00    
AutórádióCar radio€700,00    
Rakodó polcParcel shelf€160,00    
Első ajtó panelFront door panel€245,00    
Belső visszapillantóInterior rearview-mirror€45,00    
Hordozható GPS/Wifi tokPortable sat-nav / Wi-Fi case€20,00    
Hordozható GPS/Wifi kábelPortable sat-nav / Wi-Fi cable€20,00    
Láthatósági mellényHigh visibility vest€18,00    
Vészjelző háromszögEmergency warning triangle€18,00    
Használati útmutató/ szervizkönyvUser's and maintenance guide€100,00    
Autó dokumentumokCar papers€100,00    
EÜ ládaSanitation€100,00    
Speciális belső tisztításSpecial cleaning of interiors€100,00    
Kiegészítők / Others      
Kezelési költaég kár/lopás eseténHandling Fee For Damage/Theft€70,00    
Vontatás Magyarországon belülTowing Service in Hungary€300,00    
Vontatás Magyarországon kívülTowing Service Abroad€300,00+1 EUR/km a telephelytől / from base   
Tankolási díjRefuel service€20,00    
Adminisztrációs díj hatósági megkereséenkéntAdministration fee for official request (per single request)€12,00    
Gumik és felnik / Wheel rims and tyres      
Defekt javító habPuncture repair kit (repair foam)€40,00    
Gumi/dbFront and/or rear tyres€200,00    
AlufelniAlloy wheel disk€250,00  €30,00€50,00
Defekt javító (készlethiány)Puncture repair kit (missing)€165,00    
Érvényes: 2020.04.10-től     

Damage is classified in three types: damage demanding the “replacement” of the damaged part, damage caused by “dent”, damage caused by “scratch”. In turn, the damage caused by “dent” and by “scratch” are divided between small and serious. This last classification is made on the basis of the damage extent which will be checked upon check in, along with the customer, by the appropriate measuring tool called “Elyxrent Damage Indicator” whose dimensions are 10 x 5 centimeters or 30 x 30 cm.

Here below a detailed classification:

- Small scratch, a single scratch (or a single scratched area) found on the involved part (front door, for example), whose extent does not exceed the “Elyxrent Damage Indicator” size;

- Serious scratch, a single scratch (or a single scratched area) found on the involved part (front door, for example), whose extent exceeds the “Elyxrent Damage Indicator” size. Moreover, several small scratches found on the same part (front door, for example) fall within this damage category;

- Small dent, a deformation whose extent does not exceed the “Elyxrent Damage Indicator” size;

- Serious dent, a deformation whose extent exceeds the “Elyxrent Damage Indicator” size; but does not exceed the extent of 30 x 30 centimeters. Moreover, several small dents on the same part (front door, for example) as well as a single serious dent plus several small dents on the same part fall within this category;

- Replacement because of a broken or missing part: all damage consisting in the break, in the part being compromised and/or one or more arts of the vehicle missing, at such an extent demanding the replacement of the involved part. All single deformations whose size exceeds 30 x 30 centimeters compromising a portion of the involved part as well as several serious deformations fall within this category.

The Damage Sheet displays the amounts for each car group, VAT excluded, due by the liable customer in compensation of the caused damage. These amount are determined according to the type of damage and (in the event of a dent or scratch) also depending on its classification as small or serious.

These fixed amounts are determined on the basis of the Car Manufacturers’ price list and also include the labor costs consumer products, garbage disposal and technical non-use of the vehicle relating to the time necessary for the repair and the spare parts retrieval.

The “Damage Sheet” does not include any mechanical damage – such as those occurred to the underside of the vehicle, the front and rear suspensions, the engine and its functional accessories (radiator, condenser, intercooler and so on) which obviously can be verified only by competent experts. Such damage will be verified and quantified after the check in of vehicle by experts appointed by CRGroup s.r.o. also through commercial agreements with Companies operating in the damage report sector.

Moreover, the following damage is subject to verification and quantification by damage report:

- The serious deformations / damage to the body involving the inner metal parts and the vehicle frame;

- Damage arising from wrong refueling or inflow of unclean fuel;

- Damage arising from fuel freezing caused by the customer’s negligence;

- Damage to the trim, the inner upholstery, the functional and decoration accessories of the cabin, the inner molding of the cabin,

the inner upholstery of the roof, the dashboard upholstery and accessories, all indicators / gauges of the dashboard;

- All damage not specified on the Damage Sheet.

It is then underlined that for all damage which (due to their type and features) cannot be immediately verified and quantified by fixed amounts, a damage report issued by registered experts will be used for their quantification as well as estimates by qualified mechanics. All such damage is not included in the Damages Sheet.