Our Company Info

CRGroup s.r.o Magyarországi Fióktelepe

address: 7621 Pécs, Rákóczi út 1.

tax ID: 27316432-2-02

company registration no.: 02-09-084869

Where Can You Reach Us?

Phone: +36 72 231 067

Viber: +36 70 881 02 02

WhatsApp: +36 70 881 02 02

WeChat: elyxrent

Email: hu.pecs@elyxrent.com

Why Choose Elyx Rent?

We provide immediate online bookings and all our vehicles are a maximum of 2 years old, meaning every car is fresh and always ready for an adventure! whether that be in or around Pécs, Hungary.

- We are available 24/7 and we even offer home delivery with selected rentals.

- We provide hassle-free driving. All the maintenance costs are ours, so you can rest assured that every vehicle is fit to drive.

- You can always rent the most suitable car for your driver. A small city car for easy parking? Something bigger, but still economical? No problem, we can provide that for you!

- We always have young and stylish fleet. At Elyx, we are making our fleet younger and younger, so it is impossible to sit in an old car with lots of mileage.